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home.gifWelcome to Rodolphe's Palm programming

Try now and enjoy !!

OnLINES v2.0 for Palm OS

OnLINES v2.0 en Français

OnLINES v2.0 in Deutsch
OnLINES game for PDA

Or try now with a Javascript game Preview GameOnLINES. Game

YvGMail Freeware :You 've Got Mail for PDA YvGMail

A simple and fast POP3 client that lets you to know how many new messages you have.

Let's introduce myself

Hello everybody,

I have finished my web page and I am sure that my friends and familly members will enjoy my photo album.

I have traveled from France to Germany for work and then to USA and back to the Old Europe. Who know where I will be next ?

My hobbies...

I play basketball and I like to read Enki BILAL comics.

I have been interested in new technologies and have started programming for Palm OS applications in my spare time and soon I will have program for Palm OS...

Le cercle du Palm francophone
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The PalmPilot WebRing
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PalmPilot Entertainment
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Product of the Year 2005


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